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What Does a Fluoride Treatment Do?

March 29, 2023 3:39 pm

Fluoride is a natural mineral added to many dental products and the tap water of many communities. In proper doses, fluoride is beneficial for patients of any age. Fluoride fortifies weakened areas in the mineral structure of tooth enamel. This process of remineralization helps rebuild teeth on the cusp of irreversible damage.

At the dentist, fluoride can be applied after a routine dental cleaning as a foam, varnish, gel, or rinse. This concentrated form of fluoride helps protect your teeth from cavities.

When Fluoride Treatment May Be Needed

Though you may think fluoride treatments are only for kids, fluoride offers preventive benefits to adult patients as well. This is especially true if a patient has a moderate or high risk of developing cavities due to lifestyle or health factors that increase their risk of enamel erosion, such as pregnancy and morning sickness, acid reflux, tobacco use, inconsistent oral hygiene, poor diet, gum recession, limited hand dexterity, etc.

Fluoride Treatment Frequency

Depending on the state of your oral health, fluoride treatments are typically recommended every six months or once a year to help protect your teeth. Fluoride treatments are quick and painless to complete. Other than waiting at least 30 minutes before eating and brushing your teeth, there are no alterations you need to make to your day after receiving a fluoride treatment.

Preventive Dental Care in Alvin, TX

When you visit our team at Magnolia Family Dental for your routine cleaning or another dental issue, we will likely ask if you want a fluoride treatment. You can decline but we do recommend considering it, especially if your dental insurance covers it. After all, preventing tooth decay, sensitivity, cavities, and tooth loss is much easier and less expensive than restorative treatment. Contact us today with any questions about our services or to schedule appointments for your family at our office.

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